Sorry, but I am not taking new patients at this time. However, a new therapist will be starting at the same location July 28th. Her name is Laura Hildebrand, to contact her for an appointment call 204-880-2520 or email, or through facebook @

Karma Klient
Massage therapy is a cost not everyone can afford, but anyone who has used it to treat an injury knows just how priceless the relief that it gives can be. So I'm starting a never before tried system that I'm calling "Karma Klient". At the end of your treament if you would like, donate any amount to a fund for a person who can not afford the full cost of treatment. I will be taking nominations for people to take advantage of this program and if I find your donations are more generous then is needed, I will donate the excess to a charity. To nominate someone please email me for a questionnaire.