Sorry, but I am not taking new patients at this time. However, a new therapist will be starting at the same location July 28th. Her name is Laura Hildebrand, to contact her for an appointment call 204-880-2520 or email, or through facebook @

Client Testimonials

Anthony K.

Registered Nurse

I have seen many Massage Therapists. Hayley stands out. She is professional without being stuffy. Her therapeutic massages are purposeful and outcome-directed. I enjoy my hour with her and feel better when I leave. Win-win.

Jennifer C.

Insurance Adjustor

I was finding myself suffering with constant tension in my neck and shoulders and a headache every other day. Nothing helped to relieve the pain. I started seeing Hayley in October of this year. After my first massage my muscles were loose and relaxed and I couldn't remember the last time they'd felt that way. Since I began seeing Hayley regularly, both the frequency and severity of my headaches has decreased.

Ashley C.


Hayley does wonderful work! I met her at a women’s show, where she was offering 5 minute massages. She briefly worked on my shoulders (which were so tense, I had headaches everyday!) I immediately noticed a difference! Before I saw her for in her clinic for the first time, I hadn’t slept on my back in atleast 7 years! Though I have gone for massages quite regularly over the years, none of them ever seemed to get deep enough to make a difference, and often I ended up with back spasms afterward! I was exhausted of feeling like I was never getting any relief! After my first visit to Hayley, I slept on my back for almost 2 full weeks straight, I’ve had more energy, I did NOT get a back spasm at all, and best of all – I haven’t had a headache since November 23rd! Highly recommended!
Hayley is amazing. I have been going for massages for years and just recently found Hayley! Her technique is spot on. She knows the body and exactly what needs to be worked on. Not only is she a great massage therapist but her personality will hook you in immediately!! I suffer from depression and anxiety. Massages help me refocus and relieve tight stressed out muscles and I look forward to my appts every time! I have gone to many massage therapists and believe me she is the one you've been looking for!


Suzan K.